Get Ready for the Future of Data Capture

15th January 2018

2D barcodes are becoming more widely used – and will continue to be in future.

But there are other reasons why now’s the time to give your teams handheld 2D imagers. They will:

Save you money: By reading pretty much all barcodes – including 1D/2D codes, signatures, documents and OCR codes (such as those used for ID) – one imager covers many tasks.
Support new applications: Offer and accept marketing campaigns that use 2D codes with the option to scan these direct from screens (e.g. watches / phones).
Accelerate your processes: From scanning multiple codes to automatically populating forms, capture more data in less time.
We’ve got a great range of affordable, simple to use corded and cordless models. Each has the best scan engine available and can also scan codes from any angle for convenient, accurate and fast data capture.

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