M3 Mobile T

Scanning intensive pda

With a focus on the retail market the M3 T PDA has been designed for the scan intensive Retail market

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The centrally located scan button, light weight, extended smart battery (4800mAh) and powerful processor are just a few of the specifications that will increase work efficiency and customer service.

Configuration Options

  • MT100B-C10QAS (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-BG-1D-AN2)
  • MT100B-C20QAS (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-BG-2D-AN2)
  • MT100B-C10QAE (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-BG-1D-AN2)
  • MT100B-C20QAE (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-BG-2D-AN2)
  • *Coming Soon* (M3 T(6700H)-WSCB-ABG-1D-AN2)
  • *Coming Soon* (M3 T(6700H)-WSCB-ABG-2D-AN2)
  • *Coming Soon* (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-ABG-1D-AN2)
  • *Coming Soon* (M3 T(6700H)-WSB-ABG-2D-AN2)


CPUPXA-320 806 MHz
OSWindows CE 5.0
Scanner1D / 2D Scanner
Screen3.5" QVGA LCD
Camera3.0M Pixels Auto Focus Camera
WLANIEEE 802.11 a/b/g
Class II v2.0 with EDRClass II v2.0 with EDR
EnvironmentalIP65 Sealing 1.8m Drop

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