M3 Mobile UL10 The exclusive handheld for warehouse management

Ergonomic design with large buttons for gloved hands

The UL10 can be deployed in many variants, including long range (9 metre potential scanning), 1D or 2D. It has fast WiFi and optional keyboards with many function keys. The OS being CE6.

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The UL10 is unique in that it has interchangeable keypads. This means you can alter the key settings without buying a new device. The UL10 is also very rugged at IP65 and can withstand severe punishment in the harshest of warehousing environments. With its optional rugged pistol grip it sits in the user’s hand very well. If you want a rugged warehouse unit and a very good cost-this is the unit for you.

Configuration Options

  • UL103A-C1CVSS (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-1D-AN55)
  • UL103A-C2CVSS (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-2D-AN55)
  • UL103A-C1CQSS (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-1D-AN55)
  • UL103A-C2CQSS (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-2D-AN55)
  • UL103A-C1CVES (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-1D-AN37)
  • UL103A-C2CVES (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-2D-AN37)
  • UL103A-C1CQES (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-1D-AN37)
  • UL103A-C2CQES (M3 UL10(CE)-NWSCBP-ABG-2D-AN37)
  • UL100A-C10VSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-1D-AN55)
  • UL100A-C20VSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-2D-AN55)
  • UL100A-CL0VSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-LR-AN55)
  • UL100A-C10QSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-1D-AN55)
  • UL100A-C20QSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-2D-AN55)
  • UL100A-CL0QSS (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-LR-AN55)
  • UL100A-C10VES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-1D-AN37)
  • UL100A-C20VES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-2D-AN37)
  • UL100A-CL0VES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-LR-AN37)
  • UL100A-C10QES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-1D-AN37)
  • UL100A-C20QES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-2D-AN37)
  • UL100A-CL0QES (M3 UL10(CE)-WSB-ABG-LR-AN37)


CPU833 MHz (Cortex-A8)
OSWindows CE 6.0
Scanner1D / 2D / Long-Range Scanner
Screen3.5" VGA/QVGA Blanview LCD
Camera3.0M Pixels (optional)
WLANIEEE 802.11 a/b/g
WWAN3.8G (Optional)
Class II ver.2.0 with EDRClass II ver.2.0 with EDR
EnvironmentalIP65 Sealing / 1.8m Drop
Extra featuresReplaceable Keypads (55 keys / 37 keys)

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