Nordic ID RF601

Wireless data collection terminal

Nordic ID RF products are effective barcode readers for reliable real-time data collection. They are light-weight handheld readers, which are easy to use and can be operated with one hand. The RF series handheld operates as a ThinClient, which means that the gathered data is updated immediately into the backend system providing fast and responsive user experience.

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Nordic ID RF601 provides fast, easy and responsive barcode data collection. The 433 MHz radio brings wide coverage and secure data transfers due to Nordic ID proprietary protocol. Due to built-in site survey feature, finding the optimal base station mounting points is easy.

Configuration Options

  • HTC00002 - RF601 Grey (Narrow Band (433 MHz), incl. 2 AA NiMh batteries
  • HTC00004 - RF601 Grey / Laser (Narrow Band 433 MHz), incl. 2 AA NiMh batteries
  • HTC00001 - RF601 Turq (Narrow Band 433 MHz), incl. 2 AA NiMh batteries
  • HTC00003 - RF601 Turq / Laser (Narrow Band 433 MHz), incl. 2 AA NiMh batteries


Operation frequency433.60 to 434.20 MHz
Data transfer rate20 kB / sec
Number of channels7
Power supply2 x AA rechargeable batteries NiMH
Screen8 x 20 characters, backlight
Keyboard22 silicone rubber keys
Drop resistance1.2 m onto concrete

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