Unitech RFID Reader

Windows reader

Quality UHF reading writing device

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Reads RFID tags up to 4.2 m, requiring no line of sight betwee reader and the tag. Ideal for accurate stock control, asset management applications

Track and trace goods

Main Features

  • Well-balanced design for easy handling the whole day
  • Second main battery in gun grip
  • Supports EU band - frequencies 865 - 868MHz
  • Contains both UHF RFID reader/writer and 1D barcode scanner
  • All latest communication technology, BT, WiFi, UMTS, 3.5G
  • Tag support EPCglobal C1G2 (ISO1800-6C)
  • 1.2M drop spec & IP54 environmental sealing


CPUMarvell PXA320 806 MHz
Memory256MB Mobile DDR, NaND 512MB
OSWindows Mobile 6.5 3 Professional/Classic
Screen480 x 640 VGA, colour LCD, with touch screen and backlight
ConnectivityGPS, Bluetooth, USB 1.1 host & Client
Battery7.4V 1950MAH
IP 54, 1.2m dropIP 54, 1.2m drop

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