Unitech Rugged Compact Data Collector

Dos data collector

Ideal solution for many applications within retail, field service and warehouse

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Equipped with a long life battery of more than 12 hours, making it ideal in applications where recharging costs too much time or is not feasible for the mobile worker

Excellent form-factor design and layout are designed to offer maximum comfort but still durable and cost effective

Main Features

  • JobGenPlus comes free with unit
  • IP540 rated against dust and moisture ingress
  • Survives multiple 1.2m drops to concrete
  • Weighs only 230g for comfortable use
  • Integrated laser for 1D reading
  • Ergonomically designed for single-handed operation
  • Capable of multiple memory configurations
  • 128x64 pixel display
  • 27-key alphanumeric phosphorecent keypad
  • JobGenPlus application generator


Screen128 x 64 pixel
ConnectivityUSB 1.1 Host & Client
Battery3.7V 900mAH
IP 54, 1.2m dropIP 54, 1.2m drop

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