Zebra RCH51 Cabled Headset

Lightweight yet rugged

Premiere rugged headset provides superior noise-canceling technology for dependable use in nearly any environment.

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The RCH51 provides the feature set required to replace paper with voice in demanding enterprise environments — in the warehouse, in the freezer, on the loading dock, or in the factory. Whether your workers are involved in receiving, picking and replenishment or putaway, shipping and other inventory-related tasks, the RCH51 enables voice-directed applications and real-time voice communications, reducing cycle times and errors while increasing productivity and throughput in a vital business hub.

The stylish RCH51 is designed to bridge the gap between light duty call centre-style and costly military grade headsets, offering an extremely rugged design and providing enhanced acoustic quality in an affordable headset that delivers all-day comfort.

Perfect For

  • Voice-directed applications
  • Voice communications



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