Retail Solutions

Point of Sale

The point of sale is a vital customer touch point and the final stage of thecustomer’s in-store purchasing journey. EPoS technology is used to allow the pointof sale to be quick and hassle free for the customer and store worker.

Front of Store

Store assistants can now be equipped to deal with all customer enquiries onthe shop floor quickly and effectively as well as ensuring displays are correctlylabelled with up to date information.

Customer Loyalty

In an ever increasing competitive environment, businesses need a way to helpthem stand out from the crowd. Customer loyalty schemes are an effectiveway to improve customer retention and also generate new business. They alsoprovide a great marketing tool to help raise company awareness.

Back of Store

A single store may carry thousands of different products, with deliveries also beingreceived every day. Back of store operatives need tostock levels as well as manage goods in and out.

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