The Big Freeze – Motorola (Psion) Omnii XT15f launch

25th April 2014

This Month sees the launch of The Motorola (Psion) XT15f, with over 118 million dollars a year been spent on the PDA Cold Temp Worldwide, the XT15f really wants to be the leader with these new units.



Let’s look at the biggest challenges faced by the workforce in a cold environment below.

  • Formation of condensation
  • External condensation
  • Internal condensation
  • Battery life and display refresh
  • Designed for your basic refrigeration warehouse, which include, food production and pharmaceuticals, it also can work in any cold outdoor workspace with the same 20c – 30c environment than any other specialised PDA.
  • This unit has a lot to offer in order to combat the problems of cold storage:
  • Patented frost free barcode scanning
  • 100% frost and condensation free
  • 5000 mAh standard battery
  • HCL Heater Control Logic Internal heater turns on and off during climate change
  • Internal Defogger
  • And finally freeze resistant keypads

After looking more and more into the capabilities and design of the device it becomes more apparent that there is not a stone unturned. Each possibility of failure in the workplace has been considered, so when it comes to cold store and cold environment customers asking me how to avoid problems when working in cold environments I will be personally recommending the Motorola (Psion) ) Omnii XT15f!