TracerPlus – Mobile Data Collection App Development!

25th April 2014

I’ve spent the last week investigating different types of solution / application development software. I was introduced to TracePlus which is so far ticking all of the boxes.

The software itself allows the none ‘programming competent’ user to develop bespoke applications in a matter of minutes. The best thing about TracePlus is it allows none programmers (like you and me) to develop applications that run on all variants of mobile devices!

Firstly you download the TracePlus Desktop software which allows you complete freedom of creativity! We designed 3 mobile apps easily within an hour of installation. We developed a Point of delivery app, a track and trace app and a goods in / goods out app, each unique to our business needs. One of the things we liked about the development too was that it allowed us to make the app as complex or as basic as we required. We had complete control, the look of the app, the layout of each page and the flow of the forms was all at our fingertips.

We consider this development tool for none programmers and programmers alike a breath of fresh air. With configurable enterprise class data collection features such as barcoding, RFID, image and signature capture and GPS TracePlus eliminates the need for costly custom development tools and software.

After developing our apps we looked at the TracerPlus Mobile Client. The mobile client installs on both Windows Mobile / Windows CE and Android devices and allows you to simply run your newly developed app on your mobile devices.

The easiest way to think of how this works is to think of TracePlus mobile client as an emulator that sits on a device and the TracePlus desktop is the clean, simple and clever development tool.

What’s next – the next stage in our trial will be to add the TracePlus Connect which allows us to map and sync data without any actual programming taking place!