Introducing Zebra’s new Ultra-Rugged LI3608-ER & LI3678-ER

25th April 2018

Introducing the LI3608-ER and LI3678-ER Extended Range Linear Imager, designed to meet the unique capture needs in industrial and heavy industry sectors.

With the longest decode range in the industry reaching from 5cm to 17m, the LI3608-ER and LI3678-ER are designed to for use in all kinds of industrial environments and conditions, such as warehousing, manufacturing, workshops container yards and cold-stores. The long decode range enables users to capture barcodes close-up, through shrink wrap, frost and scan codes far away or a great height, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

Just like the rest of the 3600 Ultra-Rugged family, the LI3600 models have all the features needed to operate reliably and consistently in industrial environments, enabling users to work better, faster and smarter:

  • Corded and Cordless versions – optimum configuration to meet business needs
  • Cordless version – 100k scans per charge, no need to swap scanners mid-shift to recharge the battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy provides lightning fast wireless communication and maximum energy efficiency
  • IP67 rated scanner & IP65 rated vehicle cradle ensuring there are no weak links in the capture process
  • Decode range 5cm-17m – enhancing productivity by allowing users to capture more information, quicker
  • Capture 1D off non-reflective surfaces – increase capture capability and improve productivity in daily operations
  • Minimum operating temperature of -30c & -20c – ideal for use in cold storage facilities
  • Drop spec 2.4m – never worry about the scanner falling off a trailer or fork-lift again

To find out more about the new Zebra LI3608-ER & LI3678-ER Extended Range Linear Imager & to discuss your requirements please contact our team on 0151 493 1313 or email us using the form below.


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